Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Number 37: Fame
Written by Michael Gore, little brother of Lesley.
I gather they remade the film recently but I haven’t bothered to see it. I don’t know that I could even watch another episode of the spin-off 80s TV show but, at the time, it did the job and this tune was emblematic of the show’s youthful energy. Schmaltzy, plodding plots were interrupted by sudden musical numbers that stopped whole streets and had people dancing on the bonnets of cars. By the end of the show, I always wanted to listen to more loud music and go dancing somewhere. With poor, misunderstood, troubled Leroy. I also walked around town wearing leg warmers for a while. Perfect New Romantic fashion. *blushes*
Can’t bear to listen to this now but must give it some recognition because of what it meant once upon a culturally challenging time. Glee, Fame’s bastard child, is an insipid thing in comparison.

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