Sunday, 27 February 2011


Number 38: Danger Man
"Every government has its secret service branch. America, CIA; France, Deuxième Bureau; England, MI5. NATO also has its own. A messy job? Well that's when they usually call on me or someone like me. Oh yes, my name is Drake, John Drake."
This is the theme from the first series. It changed from the second series and they used another in the US, I gather. It was written by Ted Astley, who also wrote the theme tune for ‘The Saint’. He was also, incidentally, Pete Townsend’s father-in-law.
A lot of people think that the 'Bond, James Bond'-esque secret agent character, played by Patrick McGoohan just beforehand in this show, went on to become Number 6 in 'The Prisoner'. One thing that’s certain is the influence of this DM on another DM: Danger Mouse (see TOP TV THEME TUNE Number 44).

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