Friday, 25 February 2011


Number 41: (Bill and Ben) The Flowerpot Men
Flubadup! Wee-ee-eed… I think I remember this fondly from the late 50s, although I’m not sure we had a TV till the early 60s. Whatever, somebody at the BBC was having a great time creating trippy psychedelia for kids in black and white. I still think of this every time I stack flowerpots in our little conservatory.
There’s the “Watch With Mother” theme first here and then the unfolding flower logo, which you got every day after the One O’Clock Gang Show, iirc. Then there was a different puppet show every day. I think it was Rag Tag and Bobtail on Monday, Tuesday was Andy Pandy, and the Woodentops were on Friday. Bill and Ben must have been Wednesday or Thursday then. But I may be misremembering totally. Great to hear the tunes again though, evoking childlike wonder.

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