Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Number 48: Crossroads
Meg Richardson, Sandy, Jill, Miss Diane, Benny, Amy Turtle, the shadow of the Droitwich...
For so many years, ‘Crossroads’ and this tune accompanied our dinner, always served at 5.15, just as Dad got home from work. Macca reworked it with Wings but I liked this version best.
Written by Tony Hatch, a man with his finger in many musical pies. He wrote for and produced Petula Clark and even worked on Bowie’s juvenilia. With his wife, Jackie Trent, he wrote lots of other TV theme tunes, including ‘Neighbours’.
Hatch’s zenith, however, imo was when he composed Downtown and gave it to Pet Clark. How do I love that song! Forever associated now in my mind with the Police Raid at Gross Indecency last year.

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