Sunday, 4 October 2009

Never enough!

After being dazzled by La Streisand's take on Ne Me Quitte Pas on BBC1 Friday night, here's Discofied Divas Squared from 1979, the year I graduated and Thatcher came to power. I was a baby gayer then and happy to sign up to the prevalent worship of both Barbra and Donna that was prevalent at the time in the gay world. Donna's gay-friendly reputation was briefly blotted by an interview where talked about her religious beliefs and said some unpleasantly anti-gay things but Streisand not only has a phenomenal voice but has been a stalwart champion of the gayers and has done a sterling job supporting the voice of American liberalism and the Democratic Party through the past three decades. But let's hear her duet with La Summer:

And here is Miss Streisand singing Brel (it was better live though, imho, on the Jonathan Ross Show where she gave a very well judged interview too).

And that holds its own, I think, with my previous favourite version of the song, by Scott Walker, which is a thing of great beauty.