Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Number 34: Magpie
"One for sorrow
Two for joy…"
Learning that doggerel as a child trapped me into years of saluting magpies and other nonsensical superstitions. When I converted to being a fundamentalist Dawkinsist, I banged all of that on the head.
The theme tune was played by the Spencer Davis Group and written by guitarist Ray Fenwick. It sounds like Stevie Winwood singing but it was actually Eddie Hardin, who had replaced him in the band by then.
I always felt that my parents disapproved of this big brassy kids’ show on ‘commercial telly’ and would rather I watched Blue Peter. I did enjoy the starchy old Beeb show but not their jaunty hornpipe. I much preferred the phantasmagorical titles and poppy, upbeat opening to Magpie. Their boy presenters were always sexier too.

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