Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Number 33: Deadwood
Al Swearengen! Sheriff Seth Bullock! Calamity Jane! Wu! So beautifully written and marvelously performed, with such splendid attention to detail in the visuals. And the theme was perfection too, jangly but still wistful and with sparks of romance.
Written by David Schwartz, who was nominated for a grammy for his music for Northern Exposure, years ago.
You may have gathered from some items in this list that I have a soft spot for the Western as a form, or certainly did when I was younger, and Doris Day in Calamity Jane has always been one of my favourite film performances. Just the idea of this show: injecting a bit of historical and psychological realism into the story of those early days in that part of the West, when it was still quite brutally Wild, was bound to hook me. But, beyond that, its execution was outstanding and it fulfilled its promise. David Milch wrote practically all of it and created something extraordinary. I was bereft when they stopped the show after the third series.
Always reminded me of The Doobie Brothers’ Black Water.

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