Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Number 29: The Virginian
I loved this show’s opening titles and particularly enjoyed the image of James Drury in his black hat riding along in tandem with Gary Clarke and Doug McClure. Long before ‘Brokeback Mountain’, cowboys meant homosex to me. The theme song was called ‘Lonesome Tree’ and was written by ‘Easy Listening’ maestro Percy Faith, who also wrote ‘Theme from a Summer Place’.
When I was a youngster, living in a small village, the mobile library van came round on a Friday night. Great excitement for eager young bookworm! So I would go down there and spend a good hour choosing lots of new books (I made the whole family join and then purloined their library cards). We didn’t have the money in those days to buy books. Then I’d come down and sprawl on the hearth rug, savouring the new books, and this show would always be just starting when I got in.

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