Wednesday, 29 October 2008

And I’ll tak’ the low road

Decided to go back to the Land of Mountain and Flood to see my family. Got up in good time to pack shirts and underwear and take a crowded rush hour tube to KX. My lovely partner never looks lovelier than when I'm about to leave him! Especially when he's wearing his lovely white Liberty dressing gown and struggling with my instructions as to how to turn off the washing machine and extricate the clothes. But, when you're a dome-brained intellectual, why would you concern yourself with such trivia? I'm sure he will be fine, but I do worry. Hope he remembers to feed the cats, at least.

So, to KX for the Hogwarts Express, quickly round M&S to buy their handy little tinned G&Ts and some other tasty low carbohydrate snacks (since there will no gym for some days...) Soon as I left London, the world went WHITE! Snow filled fields and little frosted English towns. Like travelling by train from Moscow up to Leningrad, when that was still its name. Unfortunately, when we got to Peterborough, someone got on to sit beside me but that's OK. He seems like a nerdy scientist from all the visible signs and isn't encroaching upon my space.

Once again I marvel that, after a whole year of relatively miserable commuting up and down on the East Coast line before my move to London, things are so much improved! I have my mac plugged into a power source and free wifi. I have Series 4 of Lost to enjoy. Life is good and I am childishly excited by the train travel, despite taking short train rides to work and back most days. There's a four year old boy still lurking at the heart of me.

UPDATE: Broken down train ahead. Means unscheduled stop at fragrant, appetising Doncaster and a detour via Leeds. Going to be two hours late getting to the Gathering of the MacBear Clan. Will give the wine a chance to breathe before I get there...


Pogonophile said...

Are we there yet?

Spectacled Bear said...

Got to the station and sped to the local train and had a short time with family before my mother went line dancing and my middle sister had to drive home to the far North. So my baby sister, girls and I all headed for the offie and stocked up then came home to listen to Elbow and await Charlie Brookery zombies.

Glug glug! Prost!

Spectacled Bear said...

Now biting my nails as I watch the final of The Restaurant!