Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Mr Grumpy

Just watching Above Suspicion on Skyplus, new Lynda La Plante thing, filling the Jane Tennison (of blessèd memory) gap. Quite liking it, in a genre way, since my expectations aren't that high and she's doing different things with her female protagonist this time.

Two parter, end of Part One, about to move on to watch Part Two, and then there are a series of trailed scenes from the upcoming episode. Now, if I liked Part One and watched it all the way through, you might put money on me watching the second half whatever, but ITV has decided to show me how the plot unfolds through Part Two, just in case. Presumably they think that spoiling the suspense of the narrative by showing me what happens next will whet my appetite.

Arseholes, say I.

OK, finished my rant, watched the rest of the show and very much enjoyed it, despite all my protestations about the plot being ruined. Of course, might have enjoyed it considerably more had ITV not told us whodunit in their trailers. Will watch the next one but it's not Prime Suspect.

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